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Salon Allergy Alert Testing Protocol

Technocracy Hairs team are all qualified to conduct the relevant testing and it is overseen by fully Qualified Master Craftsmen and accredited Colour Expert Kelly Shone-Adams. Kelly is a qualified colour Educator and takes the professional responsibilities in relation to colour application seriously and this is lead by the in-depth colour consultation process and risk assessment which follows both the manufactures guidance and the manufactures Allergy Alert Protocol. All clients have a fully documented consultation and colour application history which is signed and recorded by both the salon and the client and all records are kept for six years in line with the national guidance around data control and GDPR. Technocracy Hair is predominantly a one brand salon and we have used these brands since opening three years ago. This has given us a well-documented and recorded client history which is used as reference for every consultation and offer of application of colour.


OSMO and OSMO IKON as with all major colour Brands advise an Allergy Alert test 48hrs prior to any application of colour. This is further clarified by their colour protocol with certain criteria and our colour protocol has been agreed with our insurance provider using the manufacturers guidance and allergy protocol.


Technocracy Hair will require a new Allergy Alert Test to be conducted 48hrs before colour application in the following circumstances.

  1. You are a new client with the salon or have previously had a different colour brand or shade applied at Technocracy Hair

  2. The Salon has been closed for any enforced lockdown following a public health emergency.

  3. The client has not had a colour application at Technocracy Hair for more than 6 months

  4. The client has had an allergic reaction (other than to colour application) since their last colour application.

  5. The client has had any type of tattoo including henna or permanent make up or aesthetic practices since their last colouration.




No Colour Service will be offered to any person who fails the risk assessment during consultation for one of the following reasons

  1. Client is under 16yrs old.

  2. Client has had any reaction to any hair colour product previously.

  3. Client has had an allergic reaction to any type of skin tattoo, including henna or permanent make up.

  4. Client has any inflamed or open wound or broken skin on the scalp.

  5. Or any other medical concern raised by the stylist or client.


No allergy Alert Test will be required when

  1. The client has passed all the risk assessment questions during consultation.

  2. They are having the same colour application as is documented on their client colour history.





Kelly Shone-Adams SRSHMC, Colour Expert, Colour Educator

Salon Owner and Creative Director Technocracy Hair






Copyright Technocracy Hair March 2021

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