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Hair Colour and under 16s ..... No!!!!

It has been a topic of debate for a very long time within the hairdressing industry whether hair salons and hairdressers should colour the hair of anyone under the age of 16.

The easy and swift answer is NO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

The manufacturers guidlines for all colour products clearly state that they are not for use on anyone under the age of 16. This in itself is enough of a warning to both hairdressers and parents that this should not be done under any circumstances.

Businesses have public liability insurance for a reason and that is to cover the owner or business should something go horribly wrong. If you have used the products outside the manufacturers guidelines you will not be covered in any way and you face potential ruin, both proffessionally and financially as well as jeopardising any form of compensation or cover for the client. 

As a parent would you allow your son or daughter to get into an uninsured vehicle or go on holiday without any travel insurance ?

In October 2017 an undercover investigation by BBC Wales into the process of children obtaining hair colour appointments and they were offered 16 appointments.

As per my previous blog on skin testing and the reasons why they detailed the risks of allergic reactions and the health dangers if best practice and proffesional processes are not followed.

Hair dye manufacturers say they are not intended for anyone under the age of 16. The European Commission insists that this warning should be put on all hair dye packaging.

The Hairdressing Federation, the profession's own body, goes further.

It tells its members that hair colour products should never be applied to anyone under the age of 16.

But when BBC's X-ray undercover schoolgirl tested out the guidance - just one out of 17 salons acted on it, and told her she was too young.

Shirley Davis is an industry expert and the Hair Council's representative for Wales. She said she was horrified by the results of the secret filming.

"I am absolutely appalled, they should've all said I'm sorry you're not 16, we can't do it and sent her away," she told X-Ray.

"Everyone within the industry is trying to professionalise it and we have salons that are actually contemplating colouring a young person's hair.

"If they did something with this young girl and she had an anaphylactic shock she could die - that's how serious it is.

"You have to patch test over-16 and under 16 it's a no-no."

My advice to everyone whether that be Hair Stylists, Hairdressers,Parents or anyone else is DO NOT DO IT no matter how much your son or daughter wants it.

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Hair colour is strictly for adults only

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