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Hairdressing.... Where have all the apprentices gone ??

Apprenticeship's the benefits!

26 years ago I walked into a local hair salon that's when my career within the hairdressing industry started !! I've never looked back and still feel as passionate about my job as I did when I walked through the door to my chosen career. I'm not going to lie and sugar coat thing's as with any chosen profession there's good days and bad and when I thought I couldn't sweep the floor or make another cup of tea again. My mother would say "once you have those qualifications no one can take them away for you, stick with it. It's a job for life".

How very true those words were!!

In my career I have been privileged to obtain many other qualifications along the way and have had input in training many apprentices along with gaining my assessor' s qualification as well as training many qualified stylists and salon owners in colour application as an educator.

There has been a massive decline in young people taking on hairdressing apprenticeship's and it’s something I feel very strongly about !

An apprenticeship will provide you with the opportunity to be employed locally if you so choose. You will follow a recognised apprenticeship framework, gaining up to a level three occupational qualification along with essential skills qualifications. You will be employed earning at least the national minimum wage. And there will be many other positive benefits available from working within a salon environment.

You will see how things can an should be done and in some cases, how things really should not be done. Along the way you will adopt techniques and working practices that you love and not use some that you have seen do not work. As I found I took something from everyone I have worked with, (some more than others). And I’m very grateful to everyone who had a input into my career as it made me into the stylist I am today .

There seems to be a social stigma on entering the world of Hairdressing it seems to be looked down upon. You will soon learn that it is a craft and a vocation that means you wear many hats from therapist to chemist, cleaner to confident. The people who look down on the trade will have absolutely no idea what your chosen career involves and what you are actually trained to do as if they did they would respect the profession a lot more.

Ask yourself “how many people want their hair done” pretty much everyone and as a qualified stylist and hairdresser you can be as successful and wealthy as you want to be. Having their own salon or chain of salons is not for everyone and it took me 26yrs to open mine. You can be as independent as you want to be and there will always be many options open to you in the wonderful world of hairdressing .

One thing is for certain, Hairdressing is an amazing vocation and I have made many friends, gained many client’s and followers during my time within the industry. There is always someone to ask for ideas and help if its needed and there is always someone there to applaud you when the work is worthy of being applauded.

There is a growing movement out there that are actively trying to bring young and old into the industry which is currently in decline. The organisation like #choosehair and I promote them at every opportunity as their doing such a wonderful job.

My advice to anyone who is contemplating a career in Hairdressing is GO FOR IT!!!!! Take every training opportunity that comes your way and gain many qualifications. Remember that you never stop learning and always strive to be the very best you can be as a professional and you will be a success story that people never thought was possible from a HAIRDRESSER !!

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28 ส.ค. 2561

Thanks you so much for your kind words and adding to the debate xx


28 ส.ค. 2561

Kelly you are a real inspiration and I completely reitterate what you have written . One thing really mirrors a thought .

As an apprentice some 40 years ago it was sets with cut and blowdrys coming in . I was very fortunate to work under a boss who was trained by the infamous Vidal Sassoon it was tough . The biggest lesson was how not to do highlights , they had to be white regardless of condition .

Pulled through a cap , 60 vol with bleach and under the steamer .

“Ann can you take off my hilights please “, the dreaded how much blonde would be left and how much was down the sink !!

No blow…

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