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The Importance of Skin Testing and detailed client consultation

Many clients ask why Technocracy Hair carry out a skin test before we book you an appointment. The answer is simple. Its one of the the most important stage's of any client experience and we would be negligent if we did not do so as we would be completely ignoring the risks to our clients and to our business.

Many people suffer allergic reactions and they can happen at any stage throughout the course of your life. As a stylist performing a colour treatment we are mixing ingredients and conducting a chemical process. Without a detailed consultation and skin test at least 48hrs before any treatment you are really just playing client roulette.

All manufacturers of hair products state that there should always be a skin/patch test carried out for good reason at least 48hrs before any treatment. As there have been some serious incidents over the years with alergic reactions which have caused a whole host of reactions and injuries to clients some of which have been life changing.

As hair Proffesional's we are duty bound to put client welfare and care at the heart of everything we do .It is a sad fact that the hairdressing industry is for the most part unregulated and you should always look for Stylist/Salon accreditations and membership of proffesional salon bodies such as The Hairdressing Council and The Good Salon guide as they carry out strict criteria and auditing to become members.

I strongly advocate the first question to be asked by anyone who is contemplating having any form of hair treatment or colour before making any booking.

"When shall I come for my skin test and how long will my consultation take ?"

If in any way you are told that it is not needed or required then you should immediately turn around and walk away. Do not compromise on your safety by accepting anything less than what is beneficial to your own personal welfare !

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Aug 12, 2018

This is the direct aftermath of someone who has had an allergic reaction to the application of hair colour without a consultation and skin test.


Aug 12, 2018

Hi Kylie and thanks for the comment.

There are many variables and best practice is to follow the manufacturers guidelines and what the colour provider recommends before every application.

This is why we conduct such thorough consultations and risk assessment before every colour application at our Hair Salon in Neath.

All our Hair Stylists are educated accordingly by myself as a MOOD colour Educator and follow the correct application guidelines to minimise any form of risk to our clients.

As I mentioned above do not take colour application for granted and the alarm bells should be ringing when detailed consultation is not carried out.


Aug 12, 2018

Perfecto thanks for my hair! Do I need another skin test before my next treatment at your lovely hair salon in neath?

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